BHRT Training


Medicine Practitioners can earn a “Advanced Training Certification in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Functional Medicine” from  Fort Wayne Endocrinology, Indiana, USA.


For details on the syllabus and course fee kindly contact us

This program is specially designed to equip the healthcare practitioner – Physician, Physician Assistant, or any licensed health care practitioner with the knowledge and the tools to start a successful BHRT and Functional medicine practice or to add value to their existing specialized areas of practice.

This is a 3-part certification program in BHRT and Functional medicine.

You will learn:

  • Theory behind metabolic and endocrine disorders- The myths and facts about hormones.
  • Understanding evidence-based BHRT practice and nutraceuticals.
  • Initial endocrine evaluation and diagnosing hormonal imbalance
  • Detox treatments
  • Wellness coaching
  • Fitness coaching
  • Record keeping and electronic health records
  • Laboratory order
  • Review of lab reports
  • Prescribing appropriate hormones along with relevant nutraceuticals. Dose modulation.
  • Follow-up and progress monitoring and documentation.

(Part I) BHRT and introduction to Functional Medicine: A structured 2-day program over a mutually convenient weekend (Saturday and Sunday) suffices for doctors and allied healthcare professionals having minimal knowledge of Hormone Therapy and who wish to introduce basic BHRT into their practice.

(Part II) Advanced BHRT and  Functional Medicine: A structured 2-day program over a mutually convenient weekend (Saturday and Sunday) designed for doctors already practicing basic BHRT, have completed Part I and maintained a logbook of 25 treated cases (minimum follow-up period of 1 month) with different clinical profiles. The program is structured for advanced BHRT, Therapeutic Nutraceuticals, Detox treatment, Wellness coaching and Fitness coaching.

*Both, Part I and II is conducted in India at Belle Santé Institute, Bangalore or at the candidate’s Clinic/office in his/her city under the guidance of Dr. Vivek Kadambi, who has a Fellowship in Endocrinology and in BHRT from Fort Wayne Endocrinology and is certified in advanced BHRT from Worldlink Medical , USA.

(Part III) Final certification course: A practical 5 day program, Monday through Friday at Fort Wayne Endocrinology, USA, designed for doctors who have completed part I and II in Belle Santé India, logged in 25 treated cases. The course shall be proctored by Dr. Ashok Kadambi, a highly experienced and board-certified Endocrinologist also certified in advanced BHRT by Worldlink Medical. The candidate shall shadow Dr. Kadambi in Fort Wayne Endocrinology, where he or she shall receive practical training in the science and art of BHRT along with relevant exposure to mainstream Endocrinology. At the end of the course the candidate shall be awarded a Fellowship in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy by Fort Wayne Endocrinology, Indiana, USA.

For details on the syllabus and course fee kindly contact us